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元記事:Queer social app Lex gets a new CEO and $5.6M to grow





  • レズビアン雑誌の個人広告を彷彿とさせる、ユニークなデートアプリ Lex が、シードファンディングで約560万ドルを調達しました。誰かが何かをうまくやっているようですね。
  • Lexの共同創設者であり、新しいワンダーウーマンであるJennifer LewisがCEOの座をつかみました。これが企業の階層を登る一つの方法ですよね。
  • 創設CEOのKel Rakowskiが退任したわけではありません。彼女はステージを変えて、チーフクリエーティブオフィサーの役職に移行します。最小限の労働、最大限の創造性:Kelさん、見ていますよ。
  • Hingeから新規に取り込んだMichelle Parsonsにあいさつしましょう。彼女は今、Lexの新規製品責任者です。ヴィンテージなレズビアン個人広告の魅力にどこが我慢できるでしょうか?




Summary in English

Lex’s “$5.6-Million-Funding” Extravaganza

Key Takeaways

  • Lex, a catchy dating app taking after the grand old personals in lesbian magazines, just netted $5.6 million in seed funding. Someone’s doing something right.
  • Jennifer Lewis, co-founder and the new Wonder Woman at Lex, has bagged the CEO spot. That’s one way to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Founding CEO Kel Rakowski didn’t get the boot though, just a change of scenery. She’s hopping over to the chief creative officer gig. Minimal work, maximum creativity: I see you Kel.
  • Say hello to Michelle Parsons, our fresh-import from Hinge, now Lex’s new chief product officer. Because who can resist the allure of vintage lesbian personals?

Hot Take

Alright, the last time we saw corporate musical chairs as exciting as Lex’s, it came with a popcorn bucket and a 3D movie ticket. Play a round of the Funding Song, and it’s CEO swap ’em! But let’s be real here, securing some cool $5.6 million for a niche-dating app tailored to the vintage lesbian ad vibe? Either Lex struck gold with the whole “retro personal” schtick or Cupid’s run out of arrows and is now firing dollar bills instead. As for the shifting exec loadout, I’m calling it out: Rakowski voluntary demotion or brilliant stress escape? That’s my kinda workplace roulette. Meanwhile, Parsons jumping ship from Hinge makes me wonder if Lex’s new product line will be as bendy… or maybe she’s just a sucker for a damn great personal ad circa 1974. Either way, I say, “Long live the queens of lesbian personal-ad inspired tech!” Who needs ordinary when you can have extraordinary, right?



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