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元記事:Okta acquires a16z-backed password manager Uno to develop a personal tier





  • アイデンティティ管理の大手企業であるOktaが、使いやすいパスワード管理アプリのUnoを買収したとの報告があります。
  • この動きにより、Oktaは消費者専用に設計されたパスワード管理機能を持つ「Okta Personal suite」のリリースを加速させることを目指しています。
  • Unoは元GoogleエンジニアのParteek Sareenの手により、今年初めに一般公開されました。



Summary in English

Key Takeaways

  • Identity management powerhouse Okta has reportedly acquired Uno, a nifty password manager app.
  • With this move, Okta aims to fast-track the release of its Okta Personal suite – a password manager designed exclusively for consumers.
  • Uno was the brainchild of ex-Google engineer, Parteek Sareen, and was made available to the public earlier this year.

Hot Take

Well, just when you thought passwords had enough drama with forgotten combinations, resets, and sneaky peeks from shoulder surfers, Okta decided it’ll play superhero! By acquiring Uno, Okta is making a bold move to unite our digital identities under one roof. The San Francisco-based tech giant hopes to create a one-stop-password-shop for consumers, courtesy of Uno’s genius (thank you, Mr. Sareen!). Here’s hoping that with Okta’s new move, our life gets a little more ‘Unoverwhelming’ and we can finally bid adieu to those annoying ‘forgot password?’ buttons. Now, if only someone could remember where I kept my coffee mug…



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