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元記事:CoPilot, a training app that matches users with remote fitness coaches, raises $6.3M





  • Jackson Square Venturesは最も重い負荷を持ち上げ、投資をリードし、おそらくその過程で心拍数を上げたことでしょう。
  • このアプリは驚異的な150万回のワークアウトを監督しています。それは一部の人々にとってジム会員の全生涯と等しいでしょう。
  • ユーザーは、リモートコーチ(ランダムなジムの友達よりも信頼性が高いことを期待して)とマッチングし、ジムの服のようにテーラーメイドのフィットネスプランを作成します。


ティンダーのように気軽に、フィットネスコーチと繋がるアプリ。ピザとNetflixが余暇時間の時代に、100万回以上のワークアウトが達成されたというのは、称賛に値する偉業です。Jackson Square Ventures からのキャッシュインジェクションにより、CoPilotがサービスを強化できることを期待できます。

Summary in English

Key Takeaways

  • CoPilot, an app that’s basically Tinder for fitness coaches, secured a hefty $6.3 million from its Series A-1 funding round. But you didn’t hear about any of these romantic fitness dinners, did ya?
  • Jackson Square Ventures lifted the heaviest weight, leading the investments and probably raising their heart rates in the process.
  • The app has presided over a whopping 1.5 million workouts. That’s like, an entire lifetime of gym membership for some people.
  • Users get matched with a remote coach (hopefully more reliable than a random gym buddy) who crafts a custom fitness plan – tailored just like their gym clothes.

Hot Take

Well, if there isn’t a plot twist! An app that connects you to a fitness coach just raked in more money than most people make in a lifetime all while sitting at a desk. Quite ironic if you ask me! In the era of pizza and Netflix, more than a million workouts accomplished is an applause-worthy feat. With the cash injection from Mr. Jackson Square Ventures, we can expect CoPilot to pump up its services. Guess there really is no pain, no gain eh? Or in this case, no investment, no development. So here’s a toast to CoPilot, for making us feel bad about skipping leg day and scoring some major coin while they’re at it.



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