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元記事:TikTok begins testing $4.99 ad-free subscription tier



  • TikTokが広告なしバージョンを間もなく提供するかもしれないそうです。
  • このニュースのソースはAndroid Authorityで、TikTokアプリのコードに同社が新しい機能をテストしている証拠を見つけました。
  • 新しい広告なしのサブスクリプション層は、米国のユーザーを対象にテストされています。
  • サブスクリプション料は4.99ドルになると予想されます。
  • 広告が表示されない体験以外に、購読者に発表された追加の利点はありません。



Summary in English

TikTok Examines adding Ad-Free Subscription Offerings

  • It appears that TikTok might soon feature an ad-free version.
  • The source of this news is from Android Authority, which found evidence in the TikTok app’s code that the company is testing this new feature.
  • The new ad-free subscription tier is being trialed on users in the U.S.
  • The subscription fee is expected to be $4.99.
  • Besides an ad-free experience, there are no additional benefits for subscribers announced.

An ad-free TikTok for $4.99

The beloved platform of endless loops and bizarre inspiration, TikTok, is reportedly testing the waters of an ad-free world. The idea is simple, you give them your latte money ($4.99) for an ad-free frolic through TikTok land. Assumedly, this means your scrolling won’t be interrupted by ads for mattresses you can’t afford or vitamins you don’t need. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air? Here’s the thing, though, the only extra you get beyond ad-freedom is… well, nothing yet. It’s like buying a ticket to a theme park only to find out the price only includes the roller coasters, and you have to pay extra for the cotton candy and theme park mascots. Now before we all start high stepping to the tune of ad-free dances, let’s remember it’s still in the testing phase. Soon enough we’ll see if we need to start saving those precious five dollars a month for our undisturbed viral dance routines. Everybody freestyle!



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